Real Cyber Threats Require Real Action
With the growth and integration of advancing technology (think interactive security, mobile surveillance apps, DIY) many factors contribute to the current increasing concerns with cybersecurity and digital governance. The uptake in the adoption of public cloud accounts means more and more data is available for nefarious purposes. This digital weakness is alarming to end users who trust businesses with private information. Read more.

The 2016 Presidential Election and Your Business
U.S. elections do not start in earnest until after Labor Day, September 5th, which positions August as an excellent opportunity to actually meet the candidates and their top campaign officials in the district or state they represent. Aside from shaking hands and introductions, it is important to inform them or their top staff members of two critical things for the industry. Read more.

The Class of 2017 is Calling, Will You Answer?
The ESA Mentorship Program will connect those looking for guidance and growth in their security industry career with industry veterans who have committed to sharing their experiences and perspectives. Pairs will be announced at the 2017 ESA Leadership Summit Feb.12-15 in Tampa, FL. Space is limited; submit your mentor or mentee application before September 30th for consideration.

Mark Your Calendar for the 2017 Leadership Summit
On February 12-15, Tampa, FL will be home to security professionals as they come together for a three-day event focusing on sharing business intelligence, networking, and learning how best to improve not only their own company but the industry as a whole. The 2017 ESA Leadership Summit will connect thought leaders in sharing their ideas for the future while leading business evolution with a fresh perspective.

The Who’s Who of YSP Rising Leaders Forum
Attendees of the YSP Rising Leaders Forum are the veritable who’s who of the electronic security industry. Rising leaders, mentors and mentees, as well as industry veterans will converge on Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, WA for a three-day event that has yet to be seen in our field. Grab your hiking boots and meet us there!

Webinar Aug 29th: How Video Innovation Impacts Retailers Beyond Loss Prevention
Retailing and video surveillance are both markets currently facing transformation. Fortunately for retailers, video surveillance changes are providing tools and opportunities for retailers to deal more effectively with the transformation. The webinar will be held Monday, August 29th at 1 PM CDT, sponsored by Hikvision, and focuses on developments in video technology and how these are helping retailers beyond loss prevention. Register here.

Date Change! Webinar Aug. 31st: How Healthy is Your Business: 5 KPIs Every Security Company Should Know
Join in on Wednesday, August 31st at 1 PM CDT for a webinar focused on your business health! Sponsored by Perennial Software, this informative session will assess your business' health through five Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and teach you how to identify strategies that will help you gain insight into your organization. Register here.

Experience a More Productive Tomorrow with the Member Savings Program
ESA’s Member Savings Program partners with over 25 preferred suppliers to reduce your business operations expenditures. With preferred suppliers like Staples® and ADP, this members-only benefit stands to save thousands of dollars per year. Find out how much you can save with the Savings Calculator and take advantage of the free ESA Member Savings Program here.

Social Media is Your Personal ESA News Channel
Whether you are a Facebook purist or appreciate the brevity of Twitter, ESA has you covered. Get all the latest ESA news, event information, and security industry updates with ease by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Curious about social media marketing and how your business can get started? Click here.

SCESA Annual Meeting, Trade Show and Golf Tournament
The South Carolina Electronic Security Association hosts a Membership Meeting and Golf Tournament each year to bring members together. This year’s Meeting will take place October 27-28 in Myrtle Beach, SC with special room rates reserved at the Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes. Dive into industry trends, network, and share best practices by registering here. Sign up for a team or as an individual member to be teamed with someone new.

Date Change to ESA-WA 2nd Annual Fire Alarm Symposium
Importance notice to all attendees of the Electronic Security Association of Washington’s 2nd Annual Fire Alarm Symposium; the event date has changed to Thursday, October 6th. Online registration, mailing forms, and event details are available online. Stay tuned for additional information and updates on this inclusive Emerald Downs event.

Dinner at Dubsdread with ESA-FL
The Electronic Security Association of Florida (ESA-FL) is hosting a fun and informative opportunity to see old industry friends and meet new ones at their Central Florida Networking Dinner August 23rd at Dubsdread Country Club in Orlando, FL. Learn about the benefits of being an ESA-FL member and how you can contribute to the professionalism of our industry. RSVP to Darlene at

New Speaker Added to 1st Annual ESA-MO Conference
The Electronic Security Association of Missouri (ESA-MO) has added another speaker to the line-up at the First Annual ESA-MO Conference on October 8th. Ron Davis, president of Davis Mergers and Acquisitions Group and broker exclusively representing sellers of alarm companies will be joining executive director of ESA Merlin Guilbeau and president of ESA Angela White as keynote speakers. Click here for more information.

Dinner with the KYESA Board
The Kentucky Electronic Security Association wants to meet you! Join KYESA board members for an informative meeting at Portofino in Lexington, KY on August 25th at 12 PM to find out the latest information on legislation and regulations that could affect your company. RSVP here by August 22nd at 10 AM.

Passing the Torch
Newly-elected president of ESA, Angela White foreshadows solid growth for the electronic security industry as well as ESA over the next five years. With various trends on her radar and new initiatives that will shape the future of ESA, White is ready to make a tangible difference in the electronic security industry. Find out what trends White will be keeping an eye on and more here.

Securing Customer Data in a Central Station
Working in a central station is all about securing people and property, and in today’s world, this includes private customer data. Tech-savvy criminals are looking at central stations as a smorgasbord of information they can sell to the highest bidder. Find out the three elements of a central station that owners can improve to protect their customers’ information here.

Federal Data Center Closures Will Push Agencies to Retrain IT Staff
The Cloud has revamped the tech world, this is no surprise, but now a new initiative by the federal government will have data centers across the country shutting down as infrastructure is streamlined. Behind this effort to consolidate, optimize, and create efficient facilities are plans to retrain IT staff members who have previously operated and managed the data centers. Read more.

The FBI’s Biometric Center of Excellence Peers into Future of ID Technology
Retinal scanners, fingerprint readers, what’s next in the world of biometric ID technology? The FBI’s Biometric Center of Excellence is looking beyond fingerprints to explore new technologies that can better secure our world. The advantage in biometric identification lies in the unique and quick efficiencies as well as the ability of this technology being used across agencies. Read more.

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