Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Security America Risk Retention Group?

Security America is a risk retention group domiciled in the state of Vermont and registered to do business in forty-nine states and the District of Columbia. The program was formed by the ESA specifically to offer professional errors & omissions and general liability insurance custom designed for its member companies.

What is a Risk Retention Group (RRG)?

An RRG is an insurance program owned by its policyholder members. Because RRGs are formed under special federal legislation, they enjoy flexibility of rates and coverage. As an owner and insured of Security America (RRG), you are provided shares in the company in accordance with the amount you pay into the program. Those shares may increase in value. Alternatively, if Security America does not do well, those shares may lose their value. In any event, the maximum loss to any shareholder is the amount paid for the shares. Shares are nonassessable.

I am an installing dealer/integrator, why do I need professional errors & omissions and general liability insurance?

In some states professional errors & omissions and general liability insurance is required by law to meet licensing requirements. And even when it’s not a state requirement, you or an employee could make one mistake that could lead to a law suit by a customer, an alarm monitoring company, or a contractor for which you are doing an installation. One such law suit could be financially devastating if you are uninsured and found to be at fault.

I have been dealing with the same agent for years and each year he/she shops around for the best price.

We are happy to work with local agents so you can enjoy saving with Security America RRG and maintain your long lasting relationship with your current broker – just have him/her give us a call at (866) 315-3838 or visit us at

What can I expect to pay?

It’s difficult to say because each account is reviewed separately for the best possible pricing. We can tell you that our minimum policy premium is $750.

How much can I expect to save with Security America RRG?

Please complete an application and give us an opportunity to quote your insurance. In some cases, we have saved policyholders $1,000s - and even tens of $1,000s - of dollars.

How much coverage can I obtain?

Security America RRG provides direct coverage of up to $1 million. In addition, its policyholders may obtain excess insurance coverage up to $5 million.

Does Security America RRG offer an Umbrella policy?

Yes, an Umbrella policy with up to $4 million over primary coverage is available for your General Liability, Business Auto, Employers Liability and E&O.

Does Security America RRG cover companies with armed guards?

No. Security America is not available to companies with armed guards.