Policy Summary

The Security America Risk Retention Group will provide insurance to those members who meet the underwriting guidelines and pay premiums under the Security America Risk Retention Group General and Professional Liability Policy.

This is a General Liability including Errors and Omissions Policy based on industry standard forms. Parts of the policy have been modified to accommodate the needs of the Electronic Life Safety, Security, and Systems Industry.


Each Occurrence Limit:$1,000,000
Personal and Advertising Injury Limit$1,000,000
Products-Completed Operations Aggregate Limit$2,000,000
Professional Liability Limit$1,000,000
General Aggregate Limit$2,000,000
Fire Damage Limit$50,000 any one fire
Medical Payments$5,000

These are the limits that will be paid for indemnity covered by the policy. Costs to defend and adjust the claim are outside of this limit.


Many sections of any policy add and take away coverage. It would be impossible to list all of the exclusionary language included in the policy here. The Security America Risk Retention Group Policy is a compilation of both industry-standard forms and forms used by other carriers serving the Electronic Life Safety, Security, and Systems Industry.


Blanket Additional Insureds – There is no special charge for certificates of insurance or additional insured endorsements. Any number of additional insureds can be endorsed.

Care Custody & Control – Subject to the deductible, this policy is designed to respond to property damage to others’ property while it is in your physical care or control.


This policy allows for written notice of cancellation to the address listed on the declarations page, pursuant to the time requirements in your state.


The standard deductible will be $1,000. Insureds will have the option of selecting $2,500, $5,000, or $25,000 deductibles.


The premium will be audited after each annual expiration. A form will be mailed to each insured and actual rating basis will be compared to the estimate upon which the policy was issued. Additional premium or a return premium will then be calculated.

Policy Options

Employee Benefits Liability - For additional premium, insureds will have the opportunity to include this coverage, which is designed to cover errors and omissions in the administration of employee benefits offered to your employees.

Employers Liability (Stop Gap) – In the four states where Workers' Compensation is offered only through a state-sponsored entity (WA, OH, WY, ND), this coverage can be purchased for additional premium.

Note: This document is not an insurance policy, nor is it evidence of insurance. This document provides a brief description of the Security America Risk Retention Group insurance policy. The sole purpose of this document is to help you identify the highlights of the policy. For actual terms, conditions, definitions, exclusions, and all other provisions of the Security America Risk Retention Group policy, please refer to the actual policy form, which can be viewed at www.securityamericarrg.com.